About Us

Roy has always had a natural interest in Rolls-Royce & Bentley’s and even as a young child would help both his father who was a Rolls-Royce mechanic and chauffeur and his Grandfather who served time as a Royce engineer.

On leaving school, Roy worked for Rolls-Royce, graduating through the system and served his time through the reams. The job took him all over the world and he built up relationships internationally, and serviced cars for many heads of state.

Roy then decided to build up a small empire of his own, providing Rolls-Royce and Bentley services in Southport, Lancashire. The company would import, export, remanufacture parts and restore the mark.

Roy also attended many of the euro rallies and would attend often as a backup engineer. Roy’s has enjoyed participating in the key shows in the car industry in the UK throughout his career, with his own displays selling Rolls-Royce and memorabilia.

Roy now at 76 is still in the business as a consultant and continues to manufacture and sell parts throughout the world with many longstanding clients. He is the managing director of Dyers International from his home on the South coast of England.